Our bodies don’t always do as we ask. We feel they can let us down at the best of times: we might get sick, lose control or the ability to do something we once took for granted. When we allow the mind to reign, we forget that the body is capable of remembering too. Every moment of pain or pleasure is transcribed upon the body, they act as an archive of feeling. 


Without mindful and proactive self-care we can find ourselves working against the body rather than in harmony with it. Rose specialises in restoring this relationship and bringing us home to the body, re-engaging the senses and subsequently a sense of self. 






Trauma, in all its forms, can cause us to dissociate and put a ‘safe’ distance between us and our bodies. Rose works with people wanting to gently move past these limitations and feel more deeply, but are frightened, or haven’t been able to give themselves permission, to do so. Self-acceptance and radical self-love help you on that journey to liberation. 


Each session is designed to help clients return to a state of aliveness, leaving them aware and empowered. As curiosity and a delicious playfulness rekindle, your inner wild woman will find her fire. 








✷ Liberate yourself from negative emotions, limiting self-beliefs and stagnant energy 


✷ Unravel sexual abuse and violation: let go of shame, guilt and pain to reclaim your sexual innocence.


✷ Integrate sex and chronic health conditions, particularly those situated in the vulva, vagina, cervix, womb and anus


✷ Lessen scarring, trauma, numbness and pain in tissue and genitals 


✷ Heal and explore your post-childbirth body 


✷ Relief from stress and anxiety: find a compassionate space where you can listen to your inner voice and transform your beliefs  


✷ Break patterns of dissociation: drop into the body and experience pleasure not numbness 

✷ Cultivate a mindful masturbation practice 

✷ Explore your Erotic Landscape: Discover your innate pleasure and orgasmic potential 


✷ Radical self acceptance: Learn to love ALL parts of your body and body self-image


✷ Cyclical wisdom: Connect to your monthly cycle and womb patterns



✷ Create a sacred relationship with you sexuality 


✷ Boundaries and consent: Learn about what yes and no feels like in your body




All energy healing work (EFT and Reiki) is open to and supportive of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and relationship configurations.


In her role as a sexological bodyworker, Rose best supports those who identify as women. Her sessions are for those who desire to work on their femininity, through deepening their connection to their bodies .

If there is a certain feature that you feel may come between you and this work, please reach out to Rose. If she is not able to apply the skills to support you, she will suggest a skilled practitioner who can.






A certain number of sessions are reserved each month for one-off sessions available to those in need of financial support


If you would like to be added to the waiting list or need more information, please email : info@rosebonhamcarter.co.uk






From her own experience, Rose knows our national education system does not fully support children and teenagers as they reach sexual maturity. Rose works to equip them with knowledge and confidence to navigate and express their sexuality safely, while helping them learn about consent and that of others’. 


She offers 1/2 price online healing sessions, coaching and education. 

EFT & Reiki are included in 1/2 price offer