Welcome, my name is Rose and I guide souls into the mysteries of their subconscious for deep, empowered and transformational healing. 














I have been traveling on my own healing journey for the last 10 years studying EFT, integrated healing techniques and, in more recent years, undergoing extensive training in Sacred Sexual Shamanic healing. I passionately believe in our innate ability to heal ourselves. The body is the container of all these mysteries, we just need the tools to unlock them. 

I work with clients helping to reconcile past memories, limiting beliefs, physical pains and struggles with the self and sexuality. Sexuality is life force energy. It is Life. It is through working with our sexuality, which informs so much of our personality, that we can achieve great soulful change.


So many of us, myself included, have been moving through our lives carrying self-doubt, shame, and guilt. The way we treat ourselves shapes the way we treat others. By working with the body and spirit, tapping into the energic system 'meridians', we can work to give space to the repressed emotions and blocked-out memories that continue to inform our day to day lives. This work is an opportunity to offload the heavy emotional burdens you are carrying and recognize the triggers informing your fears and anxieties. It will free you from limiting beliefs and remind you of your true nature. 

I offer my hands in service to you and look forward to meeting you.



If you feel the call contact me here via Text / Wattsapp to arrange a time to speak: 07710 604 503 






Sacred Sexual Shamanic Healing :

2018 February - International school of temple arts, Level 1 - Goa 

April - Body de-armoring, Andrew Barnes - UK

September - International school of temple arts, Practitioner training - Czech Republic 

February - International school of temple arts, Level 2 - Iceland

Aspecting . Body De-armoring . Bodywork . Emotional release . Sacred Spot massage . Lingham Massage . Yoni Massage


Emotional Freedom Technique: 

2012 - EFT, Level 1 - Sacred Earth, Annie Penny - UK

2017 - EFT Practitioner training,  level 2 - Sacred Earth, Annie Penny - UK



Reiki healing : 

2012 - Reiki healing, Level 1 - Reiki Academy London, Torsten A Lang - UK

2017 - Reiki healing, Level 2 - Reiki Academy London, Torsten A Lang - UK

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